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Cal Poly Student Affairs Men & Masculinity Program

Men & Masculinity

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Our Mission

The Men & Masculinity Program, part of the Cross Cultural Centers, engages the Cal Poly community with the purpose of creating spaces to critically evaluate expressions of masculinity, intersections with other identities, and establishing inclusive representations of masculinities.

Meet our Coordinator

Nick BilichNick Bilich, Coordinator

Born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA, Nick came to Cal Poly in 2002, graduating with a BA in English, and a minor in Communication Studies.  Nick’s passion for gender-based violence prevention and masculinity topics began at Cal Poly during his service as an AmeriCorps VIP Member with Safer and the Gender Equity Center (2011-2013).  Prior to being hired as the Men and Masculinity Program coordinator, Nick facilitated Safer's six-week Sexual Misconduct Training and participated as an advisor in their Respondent Advising Program. Nick and his wife Jill love living in SLO, and share a passion for their faith, people, soccer, music, the outdoors, and having guests over for dinner.


Strengths -- Connectedness, Belief, Developer, Context, Includer







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