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Have an interest in the work we do? Want to dedicate a few hours towards M&M when you can? Getting involved as a volunteer is a great option for you.  M&M volunteers participate in everything from facilitating events to strategic planning meetings, and compose the majority of people who are involved with the program.  Volunteering is a great way to learn, make an impact, and have flexibility. 


To get more information, or to start volunteering, email, Subject: Volunteer.



Want to get involved with M&M on a consistent basis? Have a particular area of the program that interests you? Applying for an internship position might be the way to go!  As an intern, you’ll focus on growing a specific aspect of the program (e.g., marketing, Greek Life, assessment, etc.), attend our weekly staff meeting, and receive regular professional development training from our professional staff.  Working as an intern is an amazing opportunity to focus your talent and ability, build your resume, and create meaningful change.  


NOTE: Only two internship positions are offered quarterly, at 10 hours per week.  This position is unpaid.


To get more information, or to start your internship application, email, Subject: Internship.

Student Assistant

Are you passionate about M&M’s mission statement?  Are you a undergraduate leader, looking to gain professional experience?  Joining the team as Student Assistant position is an awesome way to get involved.  Student Assistants manage the bulk of M&M’s programming (e.g., events, trainings, campaigns, etc.), help actualize our program’s mission and goals, and are part of our core leadership team.   Working as a student assistant is a unique opportunity to gain management experience, while working towards essential cultural and systemic change at Cal Poly.  


NOTE: Only two Student Assistant positions are offered (as available), at 10 hours per week.  This position is paid.


To get more information, or to submit your resume and cover letter, email, Subject: Student Assistant.

Grad Assistant

Working on your Masters and looking for some Higher Ed experience?  Have a passion for student development, and working with undergrads?  Our Graduate Assistant (GA) position might be the best fit! The GA works directly with the M&M coordinator to oversee the creation and implementation of educational programming (e.g., workshops/trainings, guest speakers, retreats), as well as the training, management, and retention of program volunteers. 


NOTE: Only one Graduate Assistant position is offered (as available), at 15 hours per week.  This position is paid.


To get more information, or to submit your resume and cover letter, email, Subject: Graduate Assistant.

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