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How the Program Began

The idea for the Men and Masculinity Program (M&M) began in Fall Quarter of 2010. Christina Kaviani (current director of M&M and Safer) was in the process of transitioning Cal Poly’s Women’s Center to our current Gender Equity Center (GEC), and recognized the lack of men involved in the movement to end sexual assault on campus. As a result, a key addition to the newly branded GEC was a host of programming geared towards engaging men and the culture of masculinity on campus. It was called the “Men and Masculinity Programs.”

Over the next three years, the GEC and Safer worked towards creating events, discussion groups, trainings, etc. that invited people to critically assess the status of men at Cal Poly, and to realize the importance of men’s role in ending sexual assault.

In addition to programming, two important campus resources were developed out of the Men and Masculinity Programs. The first is the Sexual Misconduct Training (SMT)—a six week restorative training for male-identified students who’ve been found in violation of Executive Order 1095 (CSU campus sexual misconduct policy). The second is the Respondent Advising Program—a support service provided for respondents throughout their Title IX investigation. See below for more information about these programs.

In 2014, a proposal for developing a new stand-alone Men and Masculinity Program (separate from the GEC or Safer) was added to Cal Poly Student Affairs’ Strategic Plan, as a key resource for helping to elevate campus safety and culture. The new program’s focus would be continuing and elaborating on its initial mission—engaging men and the culture of masculinity on campus, towards the goal of ending sexual assault. In June 2016, M&M was given full funding by the university, and it was off to the races getting the program up and running.

There’s a long list of amazing people—students, faculty, and staff—who’ve worked hard to advocate for, create, and sustain this program throughout its budding stages. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you’ve done.

Here’s to the future!


Sexual Misconduct Training

In partnership with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR), the Sexual Misconduct Training is 6-week restorative program for male-identified students accused of sexual assault or relationship violence. Students can expect to engage in an in-depth examination of masculinity, personal values, sexual assault, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. The goal of the program is to provide student with helpful perspectives through which they can examine their actions, evaluate their identity, and use the knowledge gained to become a more constructive participant in the campus community.

The program in comprised of six 1 hour trainings, scheduled over the course of 6 weeks, and is facilitated in a one-on-one setting by the Men and Masculinity Program coordinator.


Respondent Advising Program

The Student Respondent Advisor program is provided as a voluntary, optional resource solely for the purpose of providing guidance and information about the procedures for Student Respondents involved in conduct governed by CSU Executive Orders 1095, 1097 and 1098(1), and to provide appropriate academic support and reasonable accommodations, if requested.

This resource is now overseen by our Assistant Dean’s of Students. For more information please contact either:

Joy M. Pedersen, Associate Dean of Students

Phone: 805-756-6749

Blanca Martinez-Navarro, Assistant Dean of Students

Phone: 805-756-5121

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