What does it mean to ACTLIKEMAN?

The Men & Masculinity Program's theme for 2017-2018 is ACTLIKEAMAN. In our journey towards defining healthy masculinity, we think a good place to start is by asking the question, what does it mean to "act like a man"? In other words, how do we define masculinity today, in this culture, on this campus?  We want you to join the conversation. How? Step one: Stop by our office and pick up a sticker, button, or a custom pair of #ACTLIKEAMAN socks. Step two: Put it someplace visible--on a water bottle, a backpack, wear them twice a week.  This tells people you're ready to have a chat.  Step three: Ask someone (or a group of people) what they think it means to "act like a man".  And then see where the conversation goes.

Share pictures. Stories. Thoughts. #ACTLIKEAMAN

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